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Live and remote health monitoring, maintaining and anylazing system for personalised care with an Artificial Intelligence based early diagnosis of diseases.

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Nuclespace benifits for hostpitals in remote patient monitoring, remote vital information, Patient Analysis, Historical Records, Drugs Analysis.


Better outcome for patients.

A cost effective add-on that can fit to the existing medical equipments for tracking patient health remotely and monitoring the patient 24/7.

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Nuclespace benifits for hostpitals in remote patient monitoring, remote vital information, Patient Analysis, Historical Records, Drugs Analysis.
Nuclespace benifits for patients and normal users in remote patient monitoring of temperature, weight, ECG Data, Heart Sound, with Drugs Analysis, Health Reports.


Track your own

Monitor and analyze your live health data and share it with your concerned doctors/family members securely.

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Features built for better outcome

Upgrade your health by taking full control of it by using our platform.

Nuclespace remote patient monitoring to monitor and track user/patients.

Remote Monitoring
Monitor your health remotely and get proactive alerts and notifications about your health by tracking 10+ vital health informations using AI.

Nuclespace allows you to capture your data live and store, access your data securely.

Live Health Data
Track your live wave form and other vital informations easily and share it with the concerned persons like doctors, family and friends in just one click.

Nuclespace advance AI for efficient tracting and alerting of the patietns and there guidence.

Artificial Intelligence
Using Artificial Intelligence with Quantum Computing to accelerate our process while providing live actionable insights and early detections of diseases.

Nuclespace enables you to share your data securely with others.

Secure Sharing
Share and take control of your health data with the concerned persons and manage the access to your data easily in an encrypted manner.


Set of proposed applications

Our proposed applications to enhance personal helathcare.

Nuclespace medical patient.

Remote Patient Monitoring
Allowing doctors to monitor patiient remotely and keep tracck of the patient health for better decision making.

Nuclespace ambulance automation.

Smart Ambulance
Now allowing doctors tp monitor more than 10 vital informations of patient while been in ambulance so that proper decision can be made.

Nuclespace personal tracking of health parameters.

Personal Care
Now keep a track of your health 24x7 and get live updates about your health remotely over any devices and alnalyze it on the go.

Nuclespace helps you to take care of yourself during your pregnancy.

Maternal Care
Track health of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, which will help reduce the risk at pregnancy.

Nuclespace enables you to take care of your parents.

Elderly Care
Now monitor the health of your parents so that you kept posted about the health activity of your parents.

Nuclespace helps you to monitor NICU babies to prioritize the care.

NICU Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring of newborn intensive care unit allowing everyone to keep track of newborn baby round the clock.


Research & Reports

Our research will help you discover various segments of healthcare.

Early data for predicting COVID-19 before symptoms show.

Early prediction of COVID-19 symptoms

How Nuclespace helps in early detection of the symptoms for COVID-19 that can help users to seek care sooner, recover faster and help reduce the spread of the virus.

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Increasing patients under care for COVID hospitals

Increase patients under care

Remote patient monitoring solution that enables hospitals to increase the patient under without having to worry about the staffing.

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How remote health tracking in hospitals faciliates better care

Remote tracking for better care

Healthcare organizations, particularly hospitals, can use remote health monitoring to limit associated healthcare cost and cut down on the use of more costly services.

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