Making care easier.

Nuclespace has been able to provide solutions to improve, monitor and manage your health while trackiing it 24/7 that make you available to get insightfull data about your health, while maintaining its privacy.

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We are backed by:

NASSCOM 10000 StartupNvidia InceptionAutodesk Technology Impact ProgramSolidworks Startup ProgramLighthouse Accelerator

Our Mission

To make personal health available to everyone with our most compherensive, intelligent and pervasive patient care platfrom for live remote patient montoring system.

Our Vision

Save lives and continue to provide you with powerful AI driven product that allows you to monitor and analyze your health on the go.

We think ahead

"We are constantly striving to lead the world towards a richer and more progressive future and hope to create a more just, diverse, generous and just world." That is why we are working hard to create a brand that is valued and appreciated by customers, forward-thinking employees, investors, communities and the general public in the e-world.